By Jorge Kun Woo Nam Song
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            School: Colegio Santa Teresita del niño Jesús, Paraguay
"Paraguay, tierra de guaranias y naranjos" Por un puñado de tierra                     
(Paraguay, a land with great natural wealth where everything blooms)                 
~ Herib Campos Cervera                       
Paraguay, a nation of great natural beauty, source of an abundant supply of natural resources, and home to the most soulful and pure-hearted citizens in South America, flows in my blood like the Parana River does in my native country Paraguay. Even though I am of Korean descent, I love Paraguay and consider it my home. Paraguayan people are brave, assiduous, and welcoming, especially toward those from foreign countries. Paraguay is the least violent country in South America, which says much of the good-hearted nature of her people. Nothing represents Paraguay better than agribusiness; currently Paraguay represents the top exporter of rice, wheat, meat, and soy. Paraguay, with its rich culture, has developed the most quickly of South American countries, starting as a poor agricultural society and transforming itself into a more advanced nation in a few short decades.

Paraguayans are among the bravest in the world. Paraguayans fought in one of the deadliest wars in the world's history (called the War of the Triple Alliance), where Paraguay lost more than 98% of its male population. Despite the chaos, Paraguay still survived. In fact, Paraguayan women rebuilt the country to what it is today.

Paraguay is one of the safest places in the world because of its location. Thus the possibility for an earthquake, snow avalanches, landslides, desertification process, prolonged droughts, hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, tornados, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, devastating forest fires, blizzards, sandstorms, killer fogs, subsidence of soil, locus infestations, major flooding, and attack by wild animals is very low. Paraguay has adequate rainfall patterns and mild wind patterns.

Many people, including Paraguayans, say that Paraguay is a small country. However, Paraguay is bigger than Switzerland, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and many other countries. Thus, when classified by its size, Paraguay is among the biggest countries in the world, not the smallest. Moreover, Paraguay has a population of 7 million, which is a blessing because there is enough land for the people and makes Paraguay unique.

Unlike most of the countries in the world, Paraguayan land is totally arable and fertile. Paraguay is a country with abundant fresh water, when only 3% of the water in the world is fresh. It has more than 800 rivers and streams. Moreover, it also has de Guarani Aquifer, one of the biggest aquifers in the world. Paraguay produces more than 10 times more energy than what it actually needs, which is very unusual in most countries. Paraguay also has the biggest reservoir of Titanium, which is popular for its hardness and lightness, in the world.

Paraguay is a very special country, which is not a coincidence. And as Einstein once said "God does not play dice"; thus Paraguay is special for a purpose, which we as the future leaders of Paraguay must discover. It's my hope that I can cultivate the characteristics that make my country unique and weave them into a beautiful tapestry that the whole world will cherish and love.
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